Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to have a floor-plan drawn up?

Vicki will visit the property to take measurements, which usually takes 40 mins to an hour. If it is a very big house &/or 2 storey it may take more time.  After taking the measurements, Vicki will draw up the floor-plan on her computer and email the finished floor-plan to your agent in PDF form.

What do I need to do?

Please contact Vicki directly or ask your agent to organise a suitable time for her to visit your property to measure up. 

How quickly do I have my floor-plan back to me?

Maximum time would be 3 days, but more usually within 36 hours

What if I already have a builders plan available?

Vicki can redraw the existing plan to ensure you have a simple, clear & easy to read plan ready for your marketing campaign.

What is the value of spending $99 on a floor-plan?

It is a very small percentage of the value of your house but gives you a cost effective way of reaching out to a larger number of prospective buyers, remember ‘floor-plans are the most clicked on icon on’.

How does this work with overall marketing?

A floor-plan complements all aspects of your marketing strategies. With the help of your agent it can be tailored to your requirements so it is professional & eye catching when printed on your brochures or when viewed on the net.

Would it be an advantage to have a floor-plan for my rental property?

Having a floor-plan for a rental property would give you the added advantage of attracting more people who would be interested in renting your property.  It is particularly valuable for people who are planning on relocating to your area and can only research on the net.